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About us


It is our goal to provide quality care and services to our clients that are requiring a payee.  We provide a respectful atmosphere and strive to make our clients a part of their financial decisions whenever possible.


By helping clients make the best choices for an improved quality of life,  we serve as a referral service to other agencies and programs that can enhance their lives.  We assist in all the paperwork that is required for the establishment and maintenance of our client's government benefits.  


We are contracted with the Social Security Admsinistration (SSA) to provide services to those they have determined need assistance in managing their finances The SSA conduct regular audits and interviews with our clients to insure that their basic needs are met and that they are happy with the services they recieve.  


Our records are accurate and we have been commended for the quality of services that we provide. Support Services for the Developmentally Disabled is contracted with the Veterans Administration as well as the Department of Social and Health Services.  We also help with pensions and other income streams when it's requested or needed.  


We maintain regular office hours and clients have the ability to leave messages after hours.


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